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  1. Any damage or deterioration resulting from the following
  2. Neglect of the periodic maintenance as specified in the product owner’s manual  
  3. Improper repair or maintenance  
  4. Operating methods other than those indicated in the product owner’s manual
  5. Increasing engine speed beyond factory specification
  6. Exposure of the product to soot and smoke, chemical agents, bird droppings, sea water, salt, or other corrosive environments
  7. fuel contamination or deterioration, fuel more the 30 days old, unauthorized alteration, misuse, incorporation or use of unsuitable attachments or parts
  8. Failure to drain the fuel system prior to any period of non-use over 1 monthThe following parts are not covered by this warranty unless they are needed during another repair covered under this warranty: spark plug, fuel filter, air cleaner element, clutch disc, tire, wheel bearing, recoil starter rope, cable, belt, cutter blade, oil, and grease.
  9. Cleaning, adjustment, and normal periodic maintenance work (carburetor cleaning, engine oil draining, blade sharpening, belt and cable adjustments


We have been a locally owned small engine repair business for the last twelve years in the Rockville area. We will always try our best to make the customer as satisfied as possible, but we are also honest about what is possible and what is not.

Marcelo Blunard Rezende

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