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Lawn Mower Donation

If your old lawn mower is still in good enough condition for someone else to use, you can donate it to us and help to help others.
We give your mower to a local church, animal shelter, teens or other groups. If your machine needs too much work, we can probably use it for parts. After we remove all the parts, including oil and gas, we send it to the recycling center.

The best way to dispose of a lawn mower is to find someone who will reuse the unit or use the parts for other purposes. Lawn mower disposal does not necessarily involve simply throwing the unit away; if the engine is still in working order, it can be used for other purposes or on another mower, which keeps the engines out of landfills where oil and gasoline can leak out of the unit and contaminate the soil.

The rest of the mower can be brought to a recycling plant, where the metals and plastics can be reused or recycled to be used in other products.

If you are a teenager and would like to start making money in your neighborhood, Blunards Repair can help you!

If you cannot afford to buy a lawn mower, we can donate it to you!


We can also teach you how to service the  equipment and use it safely.